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For nearly forty years, buyers and owners in the middle market have relied on Valufinder's experience and acumen to reach the goal of a fair and equitable transaction. At Valufinder, we take the time to understand the objectives of the owner and the acquisition criteria of the buyer, in order to provide realistic and appropriate opportunities, while striving to give honest, intelligent and objective advice.

Valufinder is clearly the most talented and prolific deal initiator I've worked with in my career. Valufinder Group is distinctive because of their intelligence and creativity in developing proprietary ideas. They are tireless. I can't think of anyone better at origination than Valufinder. - John D. Howard
Chief Executive Officer and
Senior Managing Director
Irving Place Capital

We respect and appreciate the initiative, hard work, risk and sacrifice necessary to build any organization, as well as their emotional ties that an owner has to the business. We are successful because we gather information on the history, current circumstances, motives and objectives that the owner and buyer bring to the discussions. By examining these factors, we anticipate, avoid or solve potential problems. As an intermediary, we create a road map, free of obstructions, which paves the way for a successful transaction.

Valufinder's professionals, with over 300 years of collective merger and acquisition, financing and/or operational experience, provide the analysis, perception and creative thinking to foster the right solution for both buyer and owner.

At Valufinder, we pride ourselves on two abiding principles: integrity and commitment. First, we believe, without exception, that buyer and owner are entitled to complete confidentiality. Second, we are devoted to the needs of the buyer and owner in facilitating a mutually fair and acceptable transaction. Both principles are the foundation of our professional relationships and conduct. Our reputation rests on them. They are not just part of our business; they ARE our business.